Friday, April 25, 2008

Beans Fashion Friday

We promised to let our beans model some of their Faire Fashions they wear when they go to Scarborough Renaissance Faire on the weekends. We think they all did a good job!

We got Momma to help us find some photos of Auntie Kimme, Uncle Bryan, and her at the faire!!! We thought it would be a good introduction to our beans so that if our cousins run into them at the Renaissance Faire this weekend, you'll recognize our crew!!!! (We might try to sneak in with our cousins and Mike this weekend, if we have time of course!)

Here is a picture of my Momma in a princess dress!! She got it this year, and wore it for opening weekend while Auntie Kimmie was still recovering from her ouchies. This is the dress that the beaded hat that Rossetti tried to eat goes with. Momma's wearing it, but you can't see it very well in this photo.

This is our Auntie Kimmie and Uncle Bryan practicing fancy court dancing a few weeks ago. Our auntie's dress is the same style as Momma's new dress, its just a different color! Notice the fevvers on Uncle Bryan's hat. He went as  a cavalier that day. He even got to carry a shiny, sharp sword that day!!!! (Momma was holding it for him when she took this picture cuz the dancers couldn't dance if they were wearing their swords. We asked Momma why and she said something about it all being fun and games til an eye was put out... Momma's really funny sometimes)
This was taken last Saturday!!! Momma's wearing her fancy lady dress that Auntie Kimmie and she made all by themselves! Auntie Kimmie is wearing a Spanish lady dress that she made, and Uncle Bryan is a cavalier... again.
We also dug out this picture of our Momma and auntie from last September when they went to the Texas Renaissance Faire. Auntie Kimmie is wearing her bestest lady dress and so is Momma. We wanted to include this so every kiaton could see our auntie's kyootest outfit. She will get to wear it this weekend so maybe our cousins will get a new photo of her wearing her gold gown.
We'll try to find more pictures of our beans all dressed up and maybe post them from time to time so ya'll can see more fashions from the Ren faires!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordy Wednesday: Our Momma is a Rennie!!!

Our Momma (and Auntie Kimmie as well) go to a place called the Scarborough Renaissance Faire every weekend during April and May. It is a place where all the beans go to dress up and purrtend that they are living in the past. The Bean King Henry VIII and his Bean Queen, Anne Boleyn, rule at the festival. Momma says its great fun. Normally, we'd be upset that she leaves us, but since Momma always dresses up in costumes, we always have cool stuff to play with.

Here are several photos of Rossetti playing with Momma's beaded hat...

He ended up trying to eat the beads so Momma took the hat away! Ha Ha!!

Since our Momma is addicted to going to these faires, and has more than one "Faire Costume," she is what faire goers would call a "Rennie." This means she will always try to travel to the next faire and buy all kinds of stuff from the vendors like costumes, fevvers, fur tails, ribbons, and also fevvers, leather, lacings, and did I mention fevvers? All us kiatons luv Faire season cuz it means our Momma and Auntie Kimmie leave out their costume stuff for us to find. Queen Snickers always steals her Momma's fox tail and runs all over the house with it. Since our Mommas like to wear fancy royal lady dresses (they have very full, fancy skirts on them) they have to have petticoats to hold the skirts up. PETTICOATS are really made for kiatons to play in!!!!! It is very fun to hide in the tulle fabric and pounce your unsuspecting brother when he comes to investigate.... or so I've heard...

Here is one of the ladies of the court from the Faire our Momma and Auntie went to last month. Its the one they found Renna at and rescued her from the gypsies!!

I will try to swipe a picture or two of Momma and Auntie Kimmie so every kiaton can see them in their Faire garb. Maybe we will let our beans have a Fashion Friday this week!!

I also think our cousins are planning to sneak into the Renaissance Faire this weekend while Mike is visitating them. We might tellyport over there, and attempt to go ourselves. Momma is always telling us they sell fish and chips and mac and cheese on a stick there... I wonder if they sell cheezburgers too?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tabby Toosday Meme

Owr cousinz, Queen Snickers and da Empress... and lil Renna too... tagged uz fur a meme.

Here's the rules:
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

"But that would give Apollo the last say in the drama," Elizabeth protested. "Besides, Robin is no doctor, which reminds me, I meant to send for Dr. Dee. My Lord Robert, send my new barge and bargemen to fetch him at his house in Mortlake, will you not?"

This is frum Momma's latest book, The Twylight Tower by Karen Harper. Itz a Elizabeth I mystery book. Herz royalty lik my Cuzenz!!!!

We taggz any kiaton dat wantz to playz!!!!

I iz fankin, I will tell ya'll about da Renaissance Fairez Momma and Auntie Kimmie goez to on da weekz endz tomorrow. Or mabee, I can trickz Kirara into doin it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fashion Friday

Momma and I decided to make Rossetti model his new black hoodie our Auntie Kimmie bought him from Target, the French boutique! He's not as comfortable as Miss Daisy or Skeezy when it comes to wearing fashions, but he is trying.

There is a very scairty camo skull and crossbones on the back of it. Hehe, he could be a pirate and join Captain Jack's crew!!

Halfway through the shoot, he decided he wanted to play. This was when he started to be a model DIVA!!!!

He glared at Momma and me until we let him go play with his mousie. He claimed the hoodie restricted his movement, but I think he just wanted to be a spoiled sport!!!

Auntie Kimmie's still recovering at home, so that's why our Cousins (and us too) haven't been posting everyday. Momma has been talking on the tellyfone to Auntie a lot and they're both been too busy to type for us. 

Hopefully, the Royal Kitties will get to post today because I hear Renna has a new kyoot fashion!!! We think our Momma and Auntie Kimmie will get to go to the Renaissance Faire this weekend. We shall try to make them take pictures and tell you all about it next week.

Have a great weekend every Kiaton!!!  

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tabbie Toosday: Auntie Kimmie's STILL Recoverin'

Hiya Everykiaton!!!!

We mayd Momma call Auntie Kimmie to make sur her wuz doin okayz still. Momma sez she iz still gettin better, but her verrie straung ouchy medysyn frum da been V.E.T. haz rund owt so she iz feelin a byt soor. She haz been cookin today (in da bread kooker an da PEEP kookin box) and shez still tyred a lot. Snickers told us they haz made Renna da offishul Kandie woofie cuz instead of helpin nurse Auntie Kimmie, she just cuddlez til her fallz asleep near owr auntie. She'z still kyoot thow...

Auntie Kimmie told Momma she wuz gonna try to get on da internetz to read whut all da kiatons haz been postin and even let owr cousinz visitate all dayr friendz. We hopez to see dem on here soon!!!! 

Cinse Auntie Kimmie myt cee owr bloggie toodae, I thowt I wuld send a piktur of me purrtendin to take sum of Auntie Kimmie's yucky medysyn. Hehe I iz makin da "ewww gross gaggy face, see??) I tink she'll likez it....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Auntie Kimmie is Home!!!!

Our Momma called Auntie Kimmie today to check up on her and found out she got to go home yesterday afternoon. She said that our cousins were taking very good care of her, even little Renna was snuggling close and making her feel better. Purr-aid is the BEST!!!!!

Auntie Kimmie is feeling much better than she expected to, but of course she still has some ouchies. Her Momma-Bean has been staying with her too, so hopefully our cousins have been able to take small Temptation breaks. Momma told us that Auntie Kimmie felt well enough this afternoon to venture outside for a little play time with Renna in the back yard. Mostly, she just watched Renna explore, but we're still proud of her.

Auntie Kimmie is hoping to feel well enough to help Snickers and Empress with their blogging very soon. Our cousins are being very patient and making sure their Momma is strong enough to help them. Yea Cousins!!!!!!! We all want to thank every kiaton and bean for purring and praying for our Auntie all this time! Ya'll are the greatest!!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Auntie Kimmie Update Part 2

We just wanted to let every kiaton (and their beans too) know that Momma talked to Auntie Kimmie on the tellyphone this morning. Auntie Kimmie even called Momma by herself!!!! She said she was feeling very well and had already been walking around her floor to prove to the bean V.E.T. that she was well enough to go home and be released into the care of our cousins.

She thought she would get to come home today, but as of this posting, Momma wasn't sure if they let Auntie Kimmie out. Momma has been gone all day at the Renaissance Faire (at Auntie Kimmie's insistance of course), so she didn't get to type this until now. She will call our Auntie tomorrow to check up on her again because she didn't get home until she felt it was too late to call Auntie Kimmie. We're sure she's doing okays and that she's resting... just not certain as to where she's resting at right now.... MOL

We'll post more updates as soon as our silly Momma will type them for us!!!!

Thanks for all your continued thoughts and purrs. Momma told Auntie Kimmie about all the well wishes and purrs she was getting, and she got all leaky faced. We're sure she'll be back soon!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Auntie Kimmie Update

Our Momma just got off the phone with Uncle Bryan!!!!! He said Auntie Kimmie was still in recovery, but should be in her very own room by 3:30pm central!!!! Her ouchie wasn't as bad as the bean V.E.T. thought, and everything went well. 

Little Renna, our new woofie cousin, went to the V.E.T. this morning before Auntie Kimmie had to go in for her surgery. She has been given a clean bill of health (though she may be carrying baby fleas and have to have another bath soon to kill them, hehe) 
All our cousins tellyported over to our house, and we are playing together all day today since we were waiting to hear how Auntie Kimmie was doing. We cuddled on the loveseat for a long time, until we were going crazy just waiting and waiting. Queen Snickers and I made my brother try on one of his new shirts Momma got him. He was not amused... but we certainly were!!!!! Even little Renna giggled a little.

Thanks to every kiaton for their purrs today. Please keep purrin for Auntie Kimmie so she'll get better very quickly. Our cousins will tellyport home tonight to keep Uncle Bryan company, and get ready to nurse Auntie Kimmie back to health. We'll keep updating here until she's well enough to start blogging for our cousins again!!!

Friday Check in

We iz in charge of keepin da bloggiesfere updatedz on owr Auntie Kimmie. Dis iz verrie emportant, and we pramize to do da gud jobz! (Couzin Snickers would whap uz if we messed up... well maybe not Kirara but she might get me) Right now, Kirara and I haz envited all owr couzinz over to owr howse to wait for updatez frum owr Uncle!!! I even haz to be nice to owr new woofie couzin. They will all get herez after Renna getz back frum da V.E.T. We will have more info on da lil woofie laterz... 

Momma told uz to let every kiaton knoe dat Auntie Kimmie will startz her surjury at 11:30am central time. Purrlease start purrin fur herz then if you would. Her should be outz of da rekoverie room by 2pm and Uncle Bryan will callz Momma and givez uz all da newz ASAP. Purrlease check back fur more newz laterz. I iz hopin all da gurrlz in da howse don't make me dress up in da fashuns fur Friday cuz dey getz bored waitin on newz... I will wait by da fone fur da callz and hopefully stay safe frum da sizter and couzinz...