Friday, September 19, 2008

Da High Seaz of Adventure ARRRR Callin!!!!

Meraaaaaaaaaaar!! Me Hearties!!

Tis I, Rossetti, commanderin the blog to invite all sailin' kiatonz ta join Cap'n Jack on hiz bonnie ship, da Black Furrball, n sail da high seaz in honor o Meow Like a Pirate Day!!!! Kirara already joined hiz crew... I'm on my wayz der now fur grog and pirate booty, meself, savvy? I'z just stopped to pass da word on all da festivitiez planned. Da Meowerz iz also shovin off on adventure az well.

Az I makez me escape, here be a photo of our Momma frum back in May when her wuz a pirate at da Renaissance Faire!! Ain't she a Bonnie lass?  and dangerous az any kiaton pirate on da seven seaz!!! May there be a fair wind in yer sailz this day, meraarrrr!!!
~ Rossetti 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Bye Dear Pixie

This beautiful graphic was created by our friend, Skeezix.

We have just learned that Pixie has traveled to the Bridge this weekend, and as with most of the blogosphere, we are deeply saddened. It seems that we were still just getting to know Daisy's feisty older sister, and we wish we had longer. Momma was very leaky eyed this morning when we all read the news (she loved seeing Pixie sneak onto Miss Daisy's blog). She even corrects other beans when they call bananers "bananas," boy does she get some strange looks. She's definitely made quite an impression on our Momma. Needless to say, we'll all miss Pixie a lot, but we are glad she's not hurting anymore. 

Rossetti and I are very proud of Pixie for being such a great big sister! She even made sure Daisy understood why she had to leave... What a hard task for any kiaton... 

We want to send all our purrs and huggles to Daisy and her Mommy and Daddy because we know how sad they all are right now. We know it hurts very much to love someone (bean, kiaton, etc) enough to let them go...