Friday, June 13, 2008

Furry Fighter Day

graphic made by Skeezy

Today we made Momma let us post even though she's been really busy because we wanted to honor one of the bravest kiatons on the internets!, Storm, the Furry Fighter. She is being helped to the Bridge today, and we will miss her greatly. She has fought and beat the cancers once AND totally outlasted all predictions when it came back. We are very proud of her and her Meowmies and Castle for making the hard choice of letting Storm go on to the next stage of her life at the Bridge. What an inspiration and testament to other kiatons who have had to fight for their lives against the cancers. THANK YOU!!!! We have purred for you for quite some time now, and have been honored to witness your determination and grace while fighting as hard as you did. Rest now and be at peace until we meet again, beautiful Meezer Lady!!!!