Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sad News

Good Morning kittahs.... Rossetti and Kirara's Mom here...

I've been meaning to get back to helping the kiatons with their blogging for the past three years now, but kept putting things off one day at a time. I wish a happier event had brought us back, but instead we return with sad news.

This morning, at 1:35AM, my darling boy, Rossetti, crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. It was entirely unexpected, but he died in my arms with his sister by his side. I'm still reeling from the shock, and I don't know how Kirara will cope when she realizes her brother isn't coming back.

I just wanted to let everykittah in the blogosphere know what had happened and also to apologize for promising to update my kiatons' blog and then taking an unexpected 3 year hiatus. I've spent the last hour or so trying to catch up with everything that's happened since we've been AWOL... hopefully, I'll be a good Momma and Kirara will be back blogging again soon.

~The Kiaton Empire Momma