Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

We wanted to tell you 13 things about us, The Kiaton Empire!!!!!

1. We is called "kiatons." This is Momma's made up word for cat, kitty, kittah, etc. (She's a little weird, but she was an art major after all)

2. The reason Momma made up a name to call us is that we lives in the country and if she called us, "Heeeeeerreee Kittty, Kittah!!!!!!" all the neighborhood kitties would show up and eat our stinky goodness. We likes our neighbors, but we LUVS our stinky goodness!

3. My favorite toys are crackle balls. I luvs to bat them across the floors!!!! Rossetti purrfers furry mices with lather tailses. He will jump anywhere to get them.

4. Rossetti feels he must eat the tails off his mices as soon as he gets a new one. He even removes the fevers from fever-butt mices. Brothers are silly!

5. Rossetti also learned a neat trick from Momma. He thinks he's part woofie so he will actually fetch his mices when Momma throws them, and then brings them back to her to throw again. Sometimes they play for like hours... well maybe 30 minutes. Is my brother weird?

6. We luvs to cuddle with each other. Most the time we can be found on the sofa or Grandmama's bed snuggling!!!!

7.My favorite hiding place is the dining room. This is where MY window is where I lay in the sunshines and watch the squrrils and birdies when we are trapped inside.

8. Rossetti luvs to hide in the garage/WoW computer room. Grandmama has a not real plant out there and he hides under it and plays jungle kiaton. I have to watch out or he'll pounce me.

9. We always get up and greet Momma when she comes in from day or night hunting. It doesn't matter if we're with Grandmama or not... Momma must be welcomed home. (Also, we hope one day we'll trick Momma into letting us outside in the dark time so we too can night hunt.... this hasn't worked yet)

10. Rossetti sometimes tries to eat Grandmama and Momma's books. I think he does this cuz Momma says "there's nothing like curlin up with a good book." I'm pretty sure Momma means to read them, but Rossetti's convinced that its cuz they taste so good.

11. Rossetti always tries to get into Momma's closet. This is because Momma used to dance when she was a little girl, and some of her old dance costumes are still in her closet... including a really cool Christmas tree. It has satin ball ornaments and little bells on it. My brother has decided its his duty to protect Momma by removing each ornament and bell from the costume. He doesn't understand that Momma WANTS them to stay there. I just hope he doesn't find the tinsel!!!

12. Rossetti luvs snuggling with Grandmama on her bed. Anytime she's on it, he jumps up there and makes biscuits on her tummy. He also luvs to watch NCIS and CSI with her. I do too, but I like to be closer to the picture box, so I lay at Grandmama's feets.

13. As many kiatons know, I was named after the character, Kirara, on the anime show, Inuyasha. My brother, Rossetti, was named after one of Momma's favorite artists, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. He is most famous for his literature works, but he paints fairly well too. I think Momma likes him because she first saw an art show with his works when she went to the Netherlands to study art the summer after we adopted her. That was where she got to know our Auntie Kimmie!!!! They protected each other from cars and evil bicycles and something called "Auntie Kimmie's room mate." Oh, and Auntie Kimmie taught our Momma how to ride on air planes!!! Auntie Kimmie is very smart.

Paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
self portrait

Venus Verticordia

Yea!!!! We finally did a Thursday 13!!!!!!


pussreboots said...

Beautiful cats. I'm partial to the calico. Happy TT.

Daisy said...

You are very good kiatons! And you are very lucky that you like to snuggle together. My sister Pixie does not snuggle with me. She growls at me if I get too close.

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

hehe We knew most of that already! Sorry we did not visit yesterday we were curled up TOGETHER on momma's lap watching the snow and the fire in the fire place all afternoon!

Tybalt said...

Great job, kiatons! I feel like I know you both so much better now.

I'm snuggling more with my sisters now, but I still prefer mommy.

Kavan said...

That was very fun to read. I love the made up word for kitties, and you are lovely kiatons!