Monday, February 4, 2008

Mancat Munday

I had fun watchin da Sooper Bowl wif Kirara yezterdaz. Here I am glarzin at her afterz she refuzed to stop cheerin for da Cowboyz whin the first qarter started. 

She wuz gud until afterz the half time show and then she triez to cheerz sum moor, but I convinzed her it wuz a bad idea. (Momma wuz busy playin the WoW so she couldn't play the refereeee)

I wuz verra sad that the Patriots didn't wen cuz Kaze, Miss Peach, and Millie were playing for their team this year. Momo and Lucy cheered so hard for them too!! (Kirara did cheer for them as well and I let her cuz it twas a good cause)

After the xcittin game, we had to take a kiaton-nap cuz we werz too tired to even watch momma whilz she wuz still playin da WoW (we're both proud cuz her iz now a lvl 54 hunter, whichz good in da world of da WoW)


The Crew said...

Oh, that last picture of you 2 is great. Rosetti, your nose marking is more of a rectangle, while mine is a triangle.


Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Mommy say :p to your 54 hunter! Someday she will catch up. She is hurts you can call her when you can. ~Empress

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

You both look very cute in those photos, especially the last one! Our mom loves roleplaying games, but doesn't play WoW or any other online RPG, because she's working on her Masters degree and she's afraid those kind of games would suck up too much time!

Tybalt said...

Those are great pictures of you both . . . congrats to your mom! My mommy says she can never let herself start playing WoW, because then she'd be all addicted and not have time for us.